True freedom is important to me so when I'm not stuck at work or in my apartment I'm exploring the tiny world I live in.
20 years old, Yorkshire based lady, I play games, I like and have tattoos and I love animals.

So a word of warning, I use this site to vent, to rant and to open up, I write about being sad, happy and stupid and I post pictures of things that make me smile, beautiful animals and probably meaningless photography.
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Shark Art to Save Sharks!

SOLD OUT but be on the look out for the other six next month!

Back in August, I was really inspired to try and do something to help save sharks and ban shark finning, and I had the idea of doing an auction. I’ve never sold anything on ebay before, so bare with me. I’m only selling half the series first. When these all sell, I’ll do the next six.

There’s twelve cards total: Thresher Nurse Whale Frilled Hammerhead Basking Dwarf Lantern Blue Bull Goblin Angel Great White. (In that order)

I will be giving all proceeds to a shark donation and shipping is FREE!

These are all original watercolour paintings by me. They are signed and each come in their own plastic sleeve. Each card is 9cm x 6.5cm.


So please bid or signal boost! Thanks so much!